CSCU leader asks for contract concessions; faculty unions balk

Gregory w Gray  5-2-13

Updated at 3:39 p.m.
With plans to cut spending by $22 million, the president of the state's largest public college system is asking union leaders for concessions. But the presidents of the two largest unions representing employees at the community colleges and Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut state universities say they aren't interested. Continue Reading →

Medicare fees to drop sharply as Senate falters on ‘doc fix’ bill opposed by CT senators

Updated at 10:43 a.m. Friday
WASHINGTON – The Senate's failure to act on a bill, opposed by Connecticut's senators, means fees paid to doctors who treat Medicare patients will drop sharply at the end of the month. If Congress, which left on a two-week Easter recess, acts as soon as it returns, the government says it may be able to avoid the fee cuts. Continue Reading →

UConn formally ends relationship with its alumni association

UConn President Susan Herbst

The University of Connecticut's governing board voted unanimously Thursday to sever its relationship with the school's 126-year old alumni association, saying membership dues the organization charges have led to low engagement with graduates. But records show the UConn Alumni Association's board had agreed in December to stop charging membership dues and was planning to have members vote on eliminating them. Continue Reading →

Larger deficit looms as Malloy warns of more emergency cuts


Nonpartisan fiscal analysts again asserted Wednesday that the current state budget deficit is worse than Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has reported — and that’s despite a recent administration estimate that more than doubled the shortfall. And while the Office of Fiscal Analysis was issuing its $191 million deficit forecast, Malloy’s budget chief directed all agencies Wednesday to brace for a third round of emergency cuts and to ensure spending is “significantly curtailed” between now and the fiscal year’s close on June 30. Continue Reading →