Wanted: Bright, passionate teachers for a new era

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Some critics contend that U.S. schools are losing too many top graduates to law, medicine or other high-profile careers at a time when schools are under pressure to close the achievement gap and raise standards. Educators in Connecticut and elsewhere are looking for ways to lure the brightest candidates into the classroom. Continue Reading →

Feds: CT needs more day care inspectors, more frequent inspections

This is a photo of a fuse box located in a classroom, accessible to children, at a day care center that had been inspected by the state before a visit by a federal reviewer.

Federal reviewers visited state-inspected day care centers and found violations including a fuse box accessible to children; a first-aid kit, shaving cream and hair gel within reach of children; and exposed wiring in a gazebo used by youngsters. In one case, federal reviewers visited a day care center that had been inspected the month before, but still uncovered 11 potentially hazardous conditions and five playground safety problems. Continue Reading →