Flood insurance hikes arriving at a waterfront near you

The Dmochowskis' house after storm Sandy.

Just over a year after shoreline politicians along with a panicked real estate industry and homeowners fought successfully to roll back scheduled dramatic increases in National Flood Insurance Program rates, most of them are back in only slightly modified form. As policies renew, shoreline homeowners are likely to face a new round of sticker shock, their penalty for living in flood zones. Continue Reading →

Feds, investigating conflict of interest, freeze $4.6 million in UConn grants

UConn logo

A federal research agency has suspended $4.6 million in grants it awarded to the University of Connecticut while federal officials investigate the university’s use of grant money to buy equipment from a tech company owned by two UConn professors. State auditors charged that the public university failed to notify their office of the investigation, as state law requires. Continue Reading →

Will lawmakers take action on changing health care landscape?

Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney (left) and Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano said the state needs better levers to address the changing health care landscape.

Senate leaders are pushing forward with a package of controversial proposals aimed at increasing transparency in health care costs and quality, and giving the state more levers to address the growth of large health systems that control multiple hospitals and physician practices. But it’s still unclear exactly what shape it will take — or how much support it will have in the House. Continue Reading →

Track the budget: Compare the spending and revenue proposals


Updated April 29
Which programs do the governor and both parties in the legislature want to cut? What taxes do they want to raise? Where do they disagree? And how would the programs you care about fare under each of the three budget proposals released this year? This searchable tool is intended to help you figure that out. Continue Reading →