Food stamp program under GOP microscope

WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans this week began a comprehensive review of the food stamp program to determine what is working – and to eliminate what in their view is not – a move that could impact thousands of recipients in Connecticut. Even without changes in the program, thousands of unemployed food stamp recipients in Connecticut may find they are no longer eligible after the end of the year. Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Building relationships, community, reduces Bridgeport crime

The City of Bridgeport is in the midst of a dramatic reduction in violent crime – the largest drop over the past decade for a city our size in all of New England. And the Police Department is preparing to announce 2014 crime statistics that will reflect yet another significant decrease in crime in our city. Yet the fact that Bridgeport is now safer than it has been in 40 years is only the beginning of the conversation. This reduction in violence – and in crime in general – speaks to the continual hard work of the men and women of this police department and our city as a whole. In Bridgeport, we’re taking a multi-pronged approach to cracking down on crime – and it’s working. There are several reasons for this, but I’ll name a few. Continue Reading →