Wesleyan student’s poem about gender goes viral

A poem about gender inequality by Wesleyan University student Lily Meyers has gone viral, with a YouTube video of her reciting her poem having already been viewed more than 3.3 million times.

"I wonder if my lineage is one of women shrinking, making space for the entrance of men into their lives not knowing how to fill it back up once they leave. I have been taught accommodation. My brother never thinks before he speaks. I have been taught to filter. How could anyone have a relationship to food he asks laughing as I eat the black bean soup I chose for its lack of carbs. I want to say we come from difference Jonas. You have been taught to grow out. I have been taught to grow in," she tells an audience at the College National Poetry Slam in New York City last spring.

Her poem, titled "Shrinking Women", won the award for Best Love Poem at the poetry slam.

Watch the video here.