Report: Maryland to replace Obamacare exchange with CT model

Washington – Citing unnamed sources, the Washington Post reported late Friday that Maryland was going to abandon its glitch–plagued health exchange with technology from Connecticut’s marketplace, Access Health CT.

Kevin Counihan, CEO of Access Health CT, said he “had not heard” about Maryland’s decision. Counihan said he’s had several conversations with Maryland officials about his concept of an “exchange in a box,” a package of technology that could be sold to other states that have had problems with their exchange portals or are currently served by, the federal exchange many states are using.

Counihan said he traveled to Baltimore in February to discuss Access Health CT with Maryland officials. But he also said Maryland is considering other options, including pouring more resources into fixing its site,,  or using the federal exchange.

Counihan also said four other states have been in contact with him about the possibility of adopting the technology of Connecticut’s exchange. He declined to identify them.

But he  said states that want to adopt the Access Health CT  site for next year’s enrollment period, which begins Nov. 15, must move quickly.

“They’d have to make a decision in the next few days,” Counihan said.

Counihan also said the first state that buys Connecticut’s “exchange in a box” would “open a whole new market” for Access Health CT.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told reporters Friday to expect an announcement about his  state’s troubled exchange next week.


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