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Final CT surplus report renews partisan budget debate

mckinney malloy combo

State government wrapped up the fiscal year with a $121.3 million surplus, according to unofficial numbers released Tuesday by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration. But one of the governor’s chief rivals insists the surplus wouldn’t exist had Malloy not used borrowing to defer hundreds of millions of dollars in operating costs until after the election.
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Visconti convinced he can find the waste in Connecticut’s budget

Joe Visconti

Gubernatorial hopeful Joe Visconti concedes he doesn’t have a complete blueprint to close the state budget deficit. But the West Hartford Republican, who brings his budget books with him on the campaign trail, insists he will have one before his rivals do.
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CT declines to house migrant children at Southbury

The Southbury Training School is a home for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration denied a request this week from federal authorities to house temporarily up to 2,000 migrant children from Central America at the Southbury Training School. Continue Reading →

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Pelto: State budget deficit reveals a broken fiscal system


Former state Rep. Jonathan Pelto doesn’t have any trouble standing out from the rest of the 2014 gubernatorial candidates. For Pelto, a $1.4 billion shortfall – more than four years after the last recession ended – typifies a broken fiscal system that threatens Connecticut’s schools, state workers’ pensions, and middle class families. Continue Reading →

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Deficit 2015: McKinney’s solution lies with ‘ignored’ ideas

John P. McKinney

This is Part One in a weekly series focusing on Connecticut's five gubernatorial candidates and their respective plans for reinvigorating the state’s economy and closing a  $1.4 billion budget deficit projected for after the election. Part One features an interview with Republican John P. McKinney. Continue Reading →

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