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Tragedy prompts call to raise awareness of ‘Safe Haven’ for CT infants

Rep. Pam Sawyer (foreground) shows headline about infant death in EH. Reps. Tami Zawistowski and Gail Lavielle and Sen. Cathy Osten (L to R) in background.

A coalition of state legislators, officials and child advocates pledged Tuesday to develop a new promotional campaign for Connecticut’s “Safe Haven” law in response to last week’s tragic discovery of an abandoned, dead infant in an East Hartford trash can. Continue Reading →

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After the Newtown and Giffords shootings, polar opposite reactions from states

Newtown Sandy Hook Memorial Flag; 12-17-2012

Four months after the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut lawmakers banned at least 115 types of semi-automatic firearms.
Four months after the shooting of a congresswoman and a federal judge in Tucson, lawmakers in Arizona declared the Colt Army Action Revolver the official state gun. The differences reflect the wide divide separating Americans from one end of the country to the other. Continue Reading →

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Hazing gets a frat, two sororities, banned from UConn

A fraternity and two sororities have been banned from the University of Connecticut for up to three years following a finding that they were guilty of hazing and other violations of the university’s student code. The Sigma Chi fraternity and Delta Gamma and Delta Zeta sororities will lose their recognition by the college and be banned from on-campus housing for three, two and one years, respectively. “UConn takes a zero-tolerance approach to hazing and harmful treatment of students by anyone, under any circumstances,” the university announced. “Our mission is to provide a first-rate learning environment, and we take this duty very seriously.”

The Greek organizations were suspended in April. Officials took the action against Sigma Chi and Delta Gamma following allegations that, in February, among other things, members paddled fellow students, made them strip, covered them with syrup and flour and force them to eat cat food. Continue Reading →

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UConn trustees endorse nearly $300M in projects tied to Next Gen CT

A drawing of the new engineering and science building proposed for the Storrs campus as part of the Next Gen CT undertaking.

University of Connecticut officials gave final approval Wednesday to nearly $300 million in capital projects crucial to a 10-year plan to dramatically expand its science and technology programs. They also endorsed plans for a new multi-story research building, a large housing complex for science, engineering and math students and a 3,400-foot road extension to link the Storrs campus’s technology park with Route 44.
Continue Reading →

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UConn officials say ‘Next Gen CT’ off to a fast start

The introductory image in  the UConn presentation on Next Gen CT.

Despite receiving their initial funding for a major science and technology initiative just one month ago, University of Connecticut officials told legislators Tuesday they have hit the ground running on their ambitious 10-year, $1.5 billion expansion program called Next Generation Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Judge denies move to seal student records in landmark case

Student academic records to be used in a landmark education lawsuit will not be sealed in the upcoming trial, a Superior Court judge has ruled. “This will not be a trial decided by secret evidence,” Superior Court Judge Kevin Dubay said in a hearing earlier this month. He denied a request by the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding to seal the academic records of student plaintiffs challenging the adequacy and fairness of funding for Connecticut’s schools. CCJEF attorney Megan Bannigan argued that the personal nature of the records, which include information about doctor’s notes and special education, among other things, warranted their being sealed. Dubay disagreed. Continue Reading →

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