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Health, labor, environment bills revived in special session

Sen, Beth Bye, Appropriations Committee co-chair, in the Senate  chamber during Monday's special session

A wide range of legislative priorities that failed to clear both chambers of the General Assembly before the June 3 end of the regular session won final approval early Tuesday as part of a massive budget implementation bill. The 686-page everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bill also includes several controversial new provisions. Here's what's in it. Continue Reading →

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Why one independent hospital decided to explore going bigger

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, New London

Every year, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital CEO Bruce Cummings has done what he calls a “back of the envelope” calculation about the merits of the New London hospital's remaining independent or joining a larger system. “My thinking began to evolve last year as I looked out on the horizon and just saw just extraordinary changes,” he said. Continue Reading →

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CT supporters of ACA laud Supreme Court decision

U.S. Supreme Court building

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the legality of federal subsidies that help millions of Americans purchase health insurance was lauded by the Connecticut lawmakers who supported the Affordable Care Act, but it doesn’t end the political fight over the health care law. Continue Reading →

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As Medicaid grows, will there be more cuts to provider payments?

doctor visit americares

Radiologists are appealing to legislators to roll back a 42.5 percent cut to their Medicaid payment rates. And some patient advocates are raising a broader concern, warning that cuts to providers who treat Medicaid patients could become more common, making it harder for the more than 725,000 state residents in Medicaid to find specialists to treat them. Continue Reading →

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Revised forecast bleak: New federal data bursts CT’s economic bubble

economic slowdown art copy

The University of Connecticut’s economic think-tank predicted Thursday that the state’s job growth this year and next probably will stall or even decline — a dramatic reversal of its forecast of robust job growth issued just four months ago. Continue Reading →

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Lawrence + Memorial Hospital’s parent in talks to join Yale New Haven system

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, New London

If the two sides reach an agreement, it would have the potential to make one of the state’s largest health systems even larger, continuing a trend toward consolidation that hospital officials say is inevitable and necessary, but which has provoked concern among some lawmakers, unions and community groups. Continue Reading →

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Malloy’s ‘across-the-board’ cuts target education, town aid and social services

Families of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are urging lawmakers to enact the budget as is, fearing that any changes could lead to more cuts to services for their loved ones.

To offset new taxes that have rankled business groups, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed trimming up to 1.5 percent of discretionary spending in the new state budget. But the administration’s proposal shows the bulk of the cuts would likely fall on education, municipal aid, health care and social services. And a key legislator has warned that most of those areas could face even deeper cuts once the new fiscal year is underway. Continue Reading →

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For insurers, Supreme Court could demolish a growing line of business


Washington – The nation’s health insurers, including leading companies like Aetna, are hoping the Supreme Court does not strike down a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has brought them millions of new policyholders and provided new growth opportunities for the industry. Continue Reading →

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Bye: Malloy should have scaled back transportation plan to ease tax hikes

This is a photo of Sen. Beth Bye.

A key Democratic legislative leader pushed back Monday on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s last-minute effort to scale back business tax hikes in the new state budget. Sen. Beth Bye said the Democratic governor’s bid to remove about $224 million in tax hikes over two years might have been received better had he sacrificed some of the new transportation funding he requested. Continue Reading →

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