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Foley has lots of confidence, few details, on plans to fix CT budget

Tom Foley accepts the GOP endorsement. His wife, Leslie, stands with one of their twins.

To say Tom Foley is keeping his cards close when it comes to his plans to fix state finances might be an understatement. The Greenwich businessman and Republican gubernatorial contender's positions on key income and business taxes and public-sector wages are guarded at best. Continue Reading →

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Moms of children with mental illness share their pain, tell their stories, push for change

Mary Jo Andrews, Beverly Brakeman and Carol Poehnert are part of a group of mothers of children with serious mental illness who share tips, support each other and are now making recommendations to policymakers about improving mental health services in Connecticut.

Their informal network helps them to get from each other what they say is almost impossible to find elsewhere, like help figuring out the right services for a teenager at risk of suicide. Now these mothers of children with mental illness are releasing a list of ideas they think will help improve mental health care in the state. Continue Reading →

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Visconti convinced he can find the waste in Connecticut’s budget

Joe Visconti

Gubernatorial hopeful Joe Visconti concedes he doesn’t have a complete blueprint to close the state budget deficit. But the West Hartford Republican, who brings his budget books with him on the campaign trail, insists he will have one before his rivals do.
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Access Health CT finds glitch behind cancellations

This is a picture of Kevin Counihan, the CEO of Connecticut's health insurance exchange.

When officials at Connecticut's health insurance exchange learned about customers having problems with their coverage in May, they thought they were isolated cases. But now the exchange has discovered a programming flaw behind coverage problems affecting thousands of people. Continue Reading →

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Health system overhaul plan has Medicaid advocates worried

This is a picture of Mark Schaefer, Connecticut's director of healthcare innovation.

State officials are seeking millions of dollars in federal funds with the ambitious goal of redesigning how health care is paid for and delivered to the majority of Connecticut residents. But critics say a late addition to the application could significantly change Connecticut’s Medicaid program, in ways they worry could make it harder for poor people to receive care. Continue Reading →

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Children stuck in crisis: Connecticut’s psychiatric emergency gets worse

CCMC ED entrance

The number of children and teens going to emergency rooms in mental health crisis, some waiting days for an inpatient bed, has been growing for years. But people who work at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, parents of kids with psychiatric illnesses and community mental health providers say what happened this spring was beyond anything they’d seen in the past. Continue Reading →

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