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What new numbers on the uninsured do, and don’t, tell us about Obamacare

New figures released Tuesday indicate that the number of people without health insurance dropped in early 2014, the first year the major provisions of the federal health law took effect. But the numbers still give us a very limited picture of the impact Obamacare has had on coverage in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Need to reach a DSS worker? Can you hold for 78 minutes?

This is a photo of Angela Lewis-Shakes

More than a year after the state Department of Social Services changed its phone system, people who rely on it say it remains unacceptably difficult to reach a worker. Last month, callers looking to speak to a person waited on hold an average of 78 minutes. And 71 percent hung up first. Continue Reading →

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CT GOP candidates prescribe over-the-counter birth control pills

Blister pack of oral contraceptive pills

WASHINGTON – To counter Democratic attacks that they are soldiers in a “war against women” some GOP candidates across the nation, including at least two in Connecticut, are advocating for changing federal laws to allow the purchase of over-the-counter birth control. Continue Reading →

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