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Hospitals could face larger cut

St. Francis hospital

The governor cut $192 million in Medicaid funding for hospitals last month, but the actual hit to hospitals could end up being 25 percent higher. The state is holding back additional payments that weren’t part of the cost-saving measure, and the governor’s budget office said decisions about whether to pay them will be “based on whether we have enough money to keep the budget in balance.” Continue Reading →

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Specialty drug prices threaten health care affordability

State Comptroller Kevin Lembo

The state employee health plan has tailored its design to encourage people to manage chronic conditions, get preventive care and avoid emergency room visits. But costs are being driven up by the rising expense of specialty drugs for conditions including Hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis and cancer. It’s a challenge that’s not unique to the state employee health plans, health care experts said Tuesday. Continue Reading →

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House panel grills Access Health CEO, other exchange chiefs

Access Health CT CEO James Wadleigh

WASHINGTON – As part of a renewed attack on the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans grilled Access Health CEO James Wadleigh and the heads of other state marketplaces on Tuesday, saying they had wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on an effort that has raised health insurance deductibles and premiums. Continue Reading →

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Seniors tell medical students what they need from doctors

Belle Likover, a 95-year-old retired social worker, told Case Western Reserve medical students that growing old gracefully is all about being able to adapt to one's changing life situation, including health challenges.

An annual panel discussion called “Life Over 90,” is aimed at nudging students toward choosing geriatric medicine, the primary care field that focuses on the elderly. It is among the lowest-paid specialties, and geriatricians must contend with complex cases that are time consuming and are often not reimbursed adequately by Medicare or private insurance. Continue Reading →

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Amid questions, commissioner won’t recuse herself from Anthem-Cigna proposal

Katharine L. Wade, during her confirmation hearing earlier this year.

Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wade, a former Cigna lobbyist whose husband still works for the company, said she does not intend to recuse herself from considering Anthem’s proposal to buy the Bloomfield insurer -- a choice that drew criticism about a potential conflict of interest. Continue Reading →

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Hospital CEO pay: red herring or key in state funding debate?

ceo pay graphic

As hospital leaders warn of potential job cuts and service reductions in response to state funding cuts, the six- and seven-figure pay packages of Connecticut hospital executives have emerged as a point of contention -- to some, a red herring to distract from the state's fiscal policy, while others view it as a way to point out misplaced priorities at nonprofit hospitals at a time when executive pay and income disparities have become a rallying cry in national politics. Continue Reading →

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USDA tells states to process food stamps again, but no guarantee of benefits

grocery store scene

WASHINGTON – In an abrupt change of policy, federal officials have instructed state agencies, including Connecticut’s Department of Social Services, to resume processing food stamp benefits for October. But with a possible shutdown of the federal government looming, that doesn’t assure that anyone will receive them at the beginning of the month. Continue Reading →

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Report: CT has made progress on child trauma, but gaps persist

This is a picture of Jason Lang

Connecticut has made dramatic advances in providing help for children exposed to trauma, in some cases, emerging as a national leader in addressing a problem that research has linked to significant mental and physical health consequences. But more work is needed, according to a report released Tuesday. Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal, others grill Aetna, Anthem chiefs about mergers

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini in hearing televised by C-Span.

WASHINGTON – Skeptical members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday questioned Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish about their plans to merge with other large insurers, citing concerns about the consolidation’s impact on consumers. Continue Reading →

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GOP calls for bipartisan talks, labor concessions, to reverse hospital cuts

House Minority Leader Themis Klarides and Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano criticize Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's budget cuts. At right is Connecticut Hospital Association CEO Jennifer Jackson.

Minority Republicans in the state legislature called Tuesday for bipartisan negotiations to reverse last week’s $190 million cut to hospitals. And House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, R-Derby, also called for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to approach state employee unions for concessions. Continue Reading →

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