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Providers, advocates call Malloy Medicaid cuts short-sighted

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Critics say Malloy's proposal to cut Medicaid is financially short-sighted and threatens to undermine recent progress in a program that has added thousands of new members as part of the federal health law, expanded the network of providers willing to treat them, and reduced its per-client costs. Continue Reading →

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Access Health CT: 110,095 picked Obamacare insurance plans

The 110,095 private insurance customers includes 68,231 people who also had coverage through Access Health in 2014 and 41,864 new customers. Seventy-seven percent qualify for federal tax credits to discount their insurance premiums, while the rest must pay the full price for their coverage. Continue Reading →

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Should CT give terminally ill patients the ‘right to try’ unapproved treatments?

This is a photo of Debra Gove, who has ALS, and Richard Bunting, who has cancer.

Since being diagnosed with ALS, Debra Gove has participated in eight studies, hoping to give researchers insights that could lead to a cure. She's participating in a clinical trial, but knows there's a chance she got a placebo, and that she'll be dead before the treatment can be widely available. Should state lawmakers make it easier for patients like her to try unapproved treatments? Continue Reading →

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Behind The Numbers podcast – Episode 2: Deep cuts, tax hikes and an end to deficits?


Connecticut Mirror Budget Reporter Keith M. Phaneuf and state Controller Kevin P. Lembo discuss Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's $40 billion biennial budget proposal and whether it would put state finances on a sustainable path into he future. Continue Reading →

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Special CT Obamacare enrollment period? Stay tuned

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People who didn’t have insurance last year – and didn’t have a valid excuse – will have to pay a fee when they file their taxes. That might prompt them to want to get coverage this year. Because the sign-up period ended Sunday, some are urging health insurance exchanges to hold special enrollment periods. Continue Reading →

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Medicaid clients, seniors, health care providers face cuts under governor’s plan


About 34,000 parents would lose Medicaid coverage. Seniors would have to pay more for home care. The state would abandon a plan to better coordinate care for the costliest Medicaid clients and most health care providers that treat Medicaid patients would face a pay cut. It is all part of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's aim to save hundreds of millions of dollars through cuts to health care and social service programs. Continue Reading →

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Medicaid rate holdup costs mental health providers

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Mental health and substance abuse treatment providers are losing out on more than $5 million budgeted for them this year because the state hasn’t yet received federal approval to spend the money. That’s led some who oversee the public mental health coverage system to warn of dire consequences, including reduced access to services. Continue Reading →

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Sandy Hook panel: Further tighten gun laws, improve mental health care

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The commission Gov. Dannel P. Malloy created after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School will consider a draft report Friday recommending a further tightening of Connecticut's gun laws, a prospect unlikely to find support in the General Assembly. The draft also describes a need for better integrating mental and physical health care and for reducing the stigma that many people with mental illness face. Continue Reading →

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