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More gun laws could be the ‘beginning to the end’ of domestic violence

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A News21 investigation found that more people were murdered by intimate partners with guns than by criminals they didn’t know. Analysis of FBI data showed at least 3,464 people were shot to death in an act of domestic violence from 2008 to 2012, compared to 3,226 people killed in the same period — by guns or other means — by attackers they did not know, or where the relationship to the victim was unknown. Continue Reading →

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Suicide with a gun twice as likely as homicide — about 50 people per day

Suicide prevention photo Jacob Byk

LAS VEGAS — Americans are twice as likely to die from turning guns on themselves as they are to be murdered with one. A national News21 analysis of 2012 data found 18,602 firearm suicides in 44 states compared with about 9,655 firearm homicides in 49 states. That means at least 50 people died per day from firearm suicide; 26 died from firearm homicides. Gun shops and ranges in areas with high rates of suicide are teaming up with prevention specialists to prevent firearm suicides. Range employees are learning the warning signs of suicide to stop mentally unstable people from getting their hands on guns. Continue Reading →

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Future of Obamacare enrollment assistance still being determined

Eva Bermudez, an organizer with the union CSEA, helped Maxime Calixte sign up for health insurance last year.

Officials say the in-person assistance program that helped thousands of state residents sign up for health care coverage last fall and winter will be back this fall for the next round of Obamacare enrollment. But it's not clear where the money for it will come from, and some assisters worry because there's been no public plan for it so far. Continue Reading →

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CT’s individual insurance market grew 55 percent under Obamacare

Data from the Connecticut Insurance Department show that more than half the people who bought their own health insurance last year have maintained their old policies. But more than 50,000 of them won’t be able to keep their health plans beyond this year, potentially setting up a repeat of last fall’s turmoil and frustration among people whose policies were discontinued. Continue Reading →

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