Obamacare: Continuing Coverage

Follow The Mirror’s coverage of the Affordable Care Act in Connecticut. Find features, explainers and Q&As to better understand how the complex policy changes taking place under Obamacare are supposed to work in theory, and how they’re working out in practice.

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Insurance Department will seek to liquidate HealthyCT

This is a picture of HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime

The Connecticut Insurance Department plans to seek a court order to liquidate insurer HealthyCT at the end of the year, after an appointed overseer’s report that the nonprofit company – created with federal funds made available through Obamacare – is insolvent. Continue Reading →

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With Obamacare’s future uncertain, CT exchange contemplates strategies

Staff at the Access Health CT enrollment center in New Britain preparing for the open enrollment that ended in January.

One person likened it to looking at a “foggy crystal ball.” Another spoke of changing a tire on a car that’s still moving. But others cautioned against speculating and emphasized the fact that, so far, nothing about the Affordable Care Act has changed. Continue Reading →

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‘We’re in limbo:’ For many in CT, Obamacare’s uncertain future is personal

Joshua Scussell (second from left) with his wife, Heather (left) and Blaire Broda, his bone marrow donor. At right is Blaire's husband Joel.

The presidential election put Cindy Jalbert’s plans in limbo. She has type 1 diabetes and had been counting on the ability to buy insurance even though she has a pre-existing condition – something made possible through Obamacare. The uncertainty about the health law’s future has personal implications for many Connecticut residents. Some worry about the future of benefits they have come to rely on, while others are hopeful about the prospect of improving what they see as shortcomings in the health law. Continue Reading →

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Average Obamacare prices drop for those with subsidies, rise for others


Exchange customers who signed up for 2017 coverage and get federal help discounting their premiums will save a couple of dollars each month compared to what they pay now. But for those who don’t qualify for financial aid, costs are rising an average of $76, and for some, that’s after switching to plans with less coverage. Continue Reading →

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With Obamacare’s future in doubt, officials urge people to keep signing up

This is a photo of Pedro Lopez asking how long it will take to sign up for insurance at the Access Health CT store in New Britain.

Come January, the nation will have a president and Congress that have pledged repeatedly to repeal Obamacare. But in the meantime, there’s a sign-up period going on for people to buy coverage through the insurance exchanges created by the health law. So what happens now? Continue Reading →

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With no broker fees, will Obamacare customers get enough shopping help?

Photo of a sign that says "You qualify for Obamacare, get covered," at an enrollment fair in New Britain.

About half of those who get coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange will need to change plans for next year. But the availability of a key source of help – brokers, who advised buyers of 40 percent of this year’s policies – will be significantly reduced, worrying some who say clients could struggle to get help picking the right coverage. Continue Reading →

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116,019 CT residents signed up for Obamacare plans

This is a picture of Access Health CEO Jim Wadleigh and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, chairwoman of the exchange's board, at a press conference Monday.

Updated at 6:50 p.m.
In all, 116,019 Connecticut residents signed up for private insurance through the state’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, during the open enrollment period that ended last week, officials said Monday. Continue Reading →

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Spending and enrollment up, but Medicaid per-person cost is down

This is a picture of DSS officials, from left, Dr. Robert Zavoski, Kate McEvoy, Mike Gilbert and Melissa Garvin.

Connecticut’s Medicaid program is projected to cost the state and federal government more than $6 billion this year, and it covers close to one in five state residents, a dramatic growth from a decade ago. But underneath the rising cost and enrollment trends, something else has been happening: The average per-person costs have been falling – particularly among those newly eligible for coverage under the federal health law. Continue Reading →

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