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Kaine a hard sell to some CT delegates

PHILADELPHIA – Hillary Clinton’s pick for vice president, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, will be officially introduced to the nation Wednesday evening, but he isn’t the first choice of some Connecticut delegates, a few of whom still have reservations. They would have preferred a more progressive candidate or a minority.
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Liking his message, Malloy joins crowds in D.C. to welcome Pope Francis

WASHINGTON – The nation’s capital is living up to its reputation as a city of contradictions as it cheers Pope Francis’s gently accented words of hope and reconciliation amid a backdrop of a looming crisis – the increasingly likely shutdown of the federal government. Continue Reading →

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Feds tell states to stop processing food stamp benefits

WASHINGTON – The state’s 423,000 food stamp recipients could soon be early victims of Washington’s budget crisis. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has instructed the Connecticut Department of Social Services and similar agencies in all of the states to not dispense any October benefits to food stamp recipients “until further notice.” Some $60 million in food aid could hang in the balance, one Connecticut official said. Continue Reading →

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Access Health CT adds some plans excluding abortion coverage

Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange, has added policies that exclude abortion coverage to those available from the state’s insurance marketplace. Their inclusion ended a lawsuit against Access Health brought by a couple who strongly oppose abortion. Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal touches off political war over abortion bill

WASHINGTON– Sen. Richard Blumenthal touched off a passionate debate on Capitol Hill Tuesday with a hearing on the hot-button issue of abortion, arguing state legislatures have no right to promote laws that limit access to the procedure. Continue Reading →

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Couple sues over abortion coverage in Access Health CT plans

WASHINGTON — Thanks to subsidies under the ACA, Barth and Abbie Bracy of Dayville can buy a comprehensive policy through Access Health CT for only $2.63 a month. But they are suing the exchange, and federal officials, over what they say are moral principles. Continue Reading →

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