CCJEF v. Rell lawsuit

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Judge denies move to seal student records in landmark case

Student academic records to be used in a landmark education lawsuit will not be sealed in the upcoming trial, a Superior Court judge has ruled. “This will not be a trial decided by secret evidence,” Superior Court Judge Kevin Dubay said in a hearing earlier this month. He denied a request by the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding to seal the academic records of student plaintiffs challenging the adequacy and fairness of funding for Connecticut’s schools. CCJEF attorney Megan Bannigan argued that the personal nature of the records, which include information about doctor’s notes and special education, among other things, warranted their being sealed. Dubay disagreed. Continue Reading →

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State seeks to delay education-funding trial until after election

Judge Kevin Dubay's courtroom

The state is asking that the trial over whether Connecticut is spending enough money on education be pushed back until after the gubernatorial election in the fall. The trial, scheduled to begin July 1, would be delayed 15 months if a Hartford Superior Court judge grants the request by the state attorney general. Continue Reading →

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