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Achievement gap an issue as Congress considers new ed bill

The state formula for aid to municipal school districts would be changed under the budget proposal.

WASHINGTON – Connecticut elementary students have among the highest reading and math scores in the nation, but a stubborn achievement gap persists between the state’s highest- and lowest-performing schools, said a White House report issued Monday. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: Parent explains why she can’t allow her children to take the SBAC test

After doing her own research for months, a Fairfield parent explains why she has no confidence in the state’s use of the SBAC test or that student privacy is adequately protected in the use of the test data. She has elected for her children not to take the test. Continue Reading →

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Number of Connecticut kindergarten suspensions rising

School for young child in West Hartford

The number of kindergarten students suspended from school for misbehaving is on the rise, the Connecticut Department of Education reported Wednesday. Minority children make up three-quarters of the suspensions, the department said, and charter school students are suspended twice as often as those in the public school districts where they are located. Continue Reading →

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Op-Ed: SBAC test is part of corporate plan to discredit Connecticut public schools

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test is part a profit-motivated scheme to undermine public education and advance unregulated for-profit schools. The state should not make it so difficult for parents to opt out of this testing program. Continue Reading →

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