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In Waterbury, Donald J. Trump mocks going ‘presidential’

Donald J. Trump presses the fleshes, signs autographs in Waterbury.

WATERBURY – One thing was clear Saturday: Donald J. Trump didn’t come to the Center of the Universe, this city’s defiant if ironic slogan, to pivot or go soft. He says it’s still him against Crooked Hillary Clinton, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, a dishonest media and a rigged political system. Continue Reading →

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Trump plays Hartford, and he’s coming back

Donald J. Trump in Hartford for an April rally.

Donald J. Trump took the stage in Hartford and leaped into his greatest hits Friday, sounding notes of patriotism, suspicion of Wall Street, disdain of the media, pity for protesters. He promised a wall on the U.S-Mexico border, an end to the heroin epidemic, an economic recovery in Connecticut and the defeat of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Continue Reading →

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