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Above the waves, Connecticut fishermen struggle to hang on

The town dock In Stonington is quieter than ever as climate change has made it harder to catch fish.

Shifting fish species have Connecticut fishermen in an emotional dispute over how the U.S. fishing system operates. They’re calling, if not downright begging, for immediate changes to fish allocations to save the state’s fishing industry from what many believe is its inevitable ruin. But others in the scientific and environmental communities are saying – maybe not so fast. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut’s traditional fishing catch is heading north

A bin of lobsters

Climate change-induced shifts of marine species in the Northeast are forcing changes in fishing patterns for Connecticut fishermen, threatening to upend fishing management systems and generating political controversy and finger-pointing as policies struggle to keep up with the pace of fish movement, and the Connecticut fishing community struggles to hang on. Continue Reading →

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A postscript to Malloy campaign case: Did anyone pay a legal bill?

The Democrats' lawyer, David S. Golub, and Assistant Attorney General Maura Murphy Osborne arguing about a subpoena contested by the party.

State law does not require an accounting, and the Connecticut Democratic Party won’t provide one. But in the process of defending the party against allegations of using illegal campaign contributions to support the governor’s re-election, David S. Golub may have become its biggest benefactor. There is no record of his charging for a case that other lawyers say could easily have cost six figures. Continue Reading →

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Juvenile Justice in CT: What’s left after all the cuts?

A bedroom in the intake area of the state-run jail for boys in Middletown

A long list of budget cuts released by the Connecticut Judicial Branch just before the fiscal year began July 1 has some state legislators, prosecutors, judges and child advocates wondering what they mean for the strategy of keeping the number of incarcerated children at record lows by providing community-based programs. Continue Reading →

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At UConn, management costs increase $4M over four years

The University of Connecticut's Storrs campus

The University of Connecticut has steadily increased its executive and manager ranks over the last four years – while research staff and library positions have been declining. But a comparison with eight institutions it considers its peers shows UConn in the middle of the pack. Continue Reading →

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What cuts loom at your community college or regional university?


“This is a very challenging budget that we are looking at,” said Mark Ojakian, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. “Times of crisis are a time of opportunity. We are going to have to do business differently. We are not going to be able to sustain even this level of funding in the future. It’s going to be tough.” Continue Reading →

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Can an apartment cut health care costs of homeless ‘super users’?

Pajo with the key to her home.

Connecticut is part of a national demonstration program aimed at finding a new way to address the needs of homeless health care “super users.” It’s designed to test the questions: Can housing and support be the answer? Can it save money? And can it be sustainable? Continue Reading →

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UConn’s research growth subverted by huge pension costs

Professors Bruce Mayer, left, and Kazuya Machida in Mayer's lab

Years of state failure to save adequately for future retirement benefits has been compounded by recent decisions allowing an increased number of college employees to enroll in the state’s expensive pension plans. The combination has made it harder to afford enough research faculty and keep the cost of research at UConn competitive. This is the second story in a three-part series. Continue Reading →

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UConn Health weighing down university’s research ranking

A new research lab at the UConn Health center in Farmington

Despite big infusions of funding, UConn’s overall ability to attract outside research grants has grown at a snail’s pace over the last 10 years, and its national ranking for research has actually fallen. The results have been very different, however, at the main campus in Storrs, where research activity has risen, and at the Health Center in Farmington, where it has dropped. This is the first story in a three-part series. Continue Reading →

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