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Plans for Coltsville national park hit some bumps in first year

The blue onion dome of the Colt East Armory is seen behind a building in the complex that may be turned over to the National Park Service.

WASHINGTON — A year after the go-ahead was given to authorize the first national park in Connecticut, efforts to commemorate the industrial innovation of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt in Hartford have hit some stumbling blocks, including one that may require an act Congress to resolve. Continue Reading →

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Coltsville faces hurdles before official national park status

The Coltsville Historic District used to be known as Armsmear, home of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt.

It will likely be years before the Coltsville neighborhood near the Connecticut River in Hartford will welcome its first visitors to the Coltsville National Historical Park. Before the big day, a series of property transfers will have to take place and plans will have to be developed by the National Park Service, processes that typically take a long time. Continue Reading →

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Coltsville wins approval as national park

Colt East Armory

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Friday approved and sent to the president a defense bill that will turn Hartford’s Coltsville neighborhood into a national historical park. President Obama is certain to sign it into law. The action was the culmination of a decade of effort to memorialize the iconic Colt complex as a cradle of the American industrial revolution. Continue Reading →

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