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DSS’s long-awaited computer fix finally arrives, starting today

The Middletown DSS office.

The mainframe computer system underpinning operations at the state Department of Social Services is so old, there are few people left who know how to fix it. It’s been blamed for stymieing the agency’s ability to handle programs that serve nearly 1 million people. As its replacement launches in part of the state today, officials say some growing pains are expected. Continue Reading →

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Congress lambastes company CEO over EpiPen price hike

Mylan chief executive Heather Bresch testifies before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Wednesday.

WASINGTION — There was a bipartisan bashing of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch Wednesday over her company’s huge price increases on EpiPen, the auto-injector that delivers a drug that counters the effects of a potentially fatal allergic reaction. Continue Reading →

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As deadline looms, 15 percent losing Medicaid find new coverage

This is a photo of Pedro Lopez asking how long it will take to sign up for insurance at the Access Health CT store in New Britain.

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange announced Thursday about 15 percent of low-income parents set to lose their state-sponsored Medicaid coverage at the end of July have transitioned to new insurance plans. Officials expect about 14,000 parents to lose their HUSKY A coverage. Continue Reading →

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Can an apartment cut health care costs of homeless ‘super users’?

Pajo with the key to her home.

Connecticut is part of a national demonstration program aimed at finding a new way to address the needs of homeless health care “super users.” It’s designed to test the questions: Can housing and support be the answer? Can it save money? And can it be sustainable? Continue Reading →

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Critics: Proposed children’s dental cut threatens CT’s turnaround

Medicaid rates for children's dental care have not changed since 2008, when they rose substantially as part of a legal settlement.

Connecticut leads the nation in the percentage of kids covered by Medicaid who go to the dentist – a dramatic change from a decade earlier, when the state ranked near the bottom, according to a national report. But dentists and advocates who have studied the changes say that progress could be set back under a proposal by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to cut the Medicaid payment rates for children’s dental care by 10 percent. Continue Reading →

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Malloy seeks to cut legislative authority over Medicaid changes

State budget director Benjamin Barnes

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration is seeking to eliminate legislators’ authority over certain attempts to make changes to Medicaid and other federally funded assistance programs – an authority legislators recently used to block a controversial administration proposal. Continue Reading →

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Wait-listed: Budget woes blamed for delays serving people with brain injuries

This is a picture of Casey Albert

Twenty-five people are on the waiting list for services under a state-run program for people with acquired brain injuries that has 13 open slots, and advocates say the state is violating the terms of the program by not filling them. State officials dispute that, and say they lack the funding and staff to fill the program. Continue Reading →

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Hartford HealthCare, Day Kimball suspend talks, citing state’s ‘reckless’ cuts

Hartford Hospital

Hartford HealthCare and the parent company of Day Kimball Hospital say they have suspended plans to consider an affiliation because of “severe and unexpected” cuts in Medicaid payments, a reference to $192 million in funding reductions Gov. Dannel P. Malloy made to hospitals last month. Continue Reading →

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