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CT deficit plan taps many special funds and one-time sources

Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney and Majority Leader Bob Duff

While the General Assembly is expected to adopt a plan in special session Tuesday to close most or all of this fiscal year’s budget deficit, restore some funds for hospitals and finance modest business tax breaks, almost 40 percent of the plan diverts resources from specialized funds and various one-time sources. Continue Reading →

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Transportation financing precarious despite new revenue

The Devon railroad bridge across the Housatonic could cost $750 million to replace.

Despite the recent infusion of sales tax receipts, Connecticut’s transportation program could be in deficit by mid-2018, according to nonpartisan analysts. And while Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration believes the Special Transportation Fund will remain in the black through 2020 — albeit by a razor-thin margin — nonpartisan analysts cite several problems, including surging debt and pension costs and downgraded expectations for fuel tax revenues. Continue Reading →

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Advocates hope CT’s transportation woes will spur spending

Putnam bridge

While transportation advocates offered further evidence Tuesday that Connecticut’s aging, congested transportation system is weakening the economy, they remained uncertain whether that would translate into greater state investment in the problem. A new report from a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group concluded congestion and aging infrastructure cost Connecticut residents in urban areas between $2,050 and $2,236 per year. Continue Reading →

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Proposed state budget diverts most new transportation dollars

budget logo

Updated at 9:44 p.m.
While the tentative state budget deal technically dedicates $436 million in sales tax receipts over the next two years to stabilize transportation finances and back a major infrastructure overhaul, that same spending plan effectively diverts more than 85 percent of those funds for non-transportation programs. Continue Reading →

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Budget choices, fiscal maneuvers undermine transportation funding


A growing list of long-desired projects deemed unaffordable by transportation officials isn’t the only challenge awaiting the next governor. Critics say a decade’s worth of poor budgetary decisions has left billions of dollars’ worth transportation financing approved in name only – and not converted into actual dollars spent on highways, bridges and railroads. The second of three in a series. Continue Reading →

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Improving transportation in Connecticut: A decade of slow going


This year the state expects to rake in 40 percent more at the pumps, between wholesale and retail fuel taxes, than it did a decade ago. The transportation network hasn’t made similar progress. First of a three-day series. Continue Reading →

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Advocates to candidates: Find money for Connecticut’s transportation network

Former Transportation Strategy Board member Karen Burnaska and other advocates challenge gubernatorial candidates to focus on state's transportation needs.

A coalition of nearly three dozen transportation advocates challenged Connecticut gubernatorial candidates to support increased funding to overhaul the state’s aging infrastructure – even if it likely means tax increases or tolls. Continue Reading →

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