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Language barriers compound disease, trauma for Southeast Asian refugees

This is a picture of Theanvy Kuoch, executive director of Khmer Health Advocates.

Many of those who came to Connecticut as refugees from Southeast Asia in the 1970s and 80s live with multiple chronic medical conditions, depression and post-traumatic stress. But often, they get medical care without access to trained interpreters to help bridge language barriers that can make it difficult to communicate their symptoms, understand how to handle medication, or build the trust needed to address the effects of trauma. Continue Reading →

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Health system overhaul plan has Medicaid advocates worried

This is a picture of Mark Schaefer, Connecticut's director of healthcare innovation.

State officials are seeking millions of dollars in federal funds with the ambitious goal of redesigning how health care is paid for and delivered to the majority of Connecticut residents. But critics say a late addition to the application could significantly change Connecticut’s Medicaid program, in ways they worry could make it harder for poor people to receive care. Continue Reading →

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Business groups question Malloy health reform funding plan

This is a photo of Mark Schaefer, who is leading the state-level health reform effort known as the state innovation model.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants health plans to pay for the hiring of nine staffers to develop a state-level health reform plan. Business groups say it’s an unfair burden, and at least one says it might not be legal. Continue Reading →

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