Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment are launching an online campaign to combat the bad press generated about WWE by the U.S. Senate campaign of his wife, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon.

“We ask you to join us in responding to these malicious attacks against the company and you, our viewers,” Vince McMahon says in an online video.

McMahon is essentially turning over WWE’s web site to his wife’s campaign in the final two weeks of the Senate race, since he is rebutting criticisms made against her as he defends his company with a program he is calling, “Stand Up For WWE.”

“Let’s show the world the power of World Wrestling Entertainment,” he says. “Let’s stand up for WWE.”

Today, two McMahon for Senate ads were wrapped around Vince’s message.

Vince McMahon urged that fans contact reporters who write articles deemed biased about the WWE. He also suggested they bring signs to WWE events.

Will there be any spillover to Linda McMahon’s campaign in the countdown to the Nov. 2 election?

WWE is staging fan appreciation shows in Hartford on Oct. 30 and Bridgeport on Nov. 2. The Bridgeport show, however, will be a little late to pump up fan enthusiasm. By the time it ends, the polls will be closed

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