Malloy likely to reverse Rell policy on deleting administration emails

Governor-elect Dan Malloy said today he likely will sign an executive order stopping the proposed deletion of emails compiled during the administration of Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

Malloy told reporters he was “somewhat blown away” that current law did not requirer their preservation as public records. He was responding to a story Sunday in The Courant.

“My word to anybody that works for state government in a Malloy-Wyman administration is that which you do at work, using the facilities of work, is a matter which ultimately can and most likely will be discovered,” Malloy said. “So you should act accordingly.”

Malloy spoke to reporters after introducing his full transition team, which then held a meeting streamed live on CT-N. He did not promise that all the teams’ work wil be conducted in public, especially a sub-group that is focusing on recruitment.

“I’m not sure you are going to capture every word or every discussion that these individuals have,” Malloy said. “I’m not advertising that you will.”

Malloy and Lt. Governor-elect Nancy Wyman are to address a meeting of the House Democratic majority this afternoon.