Justice Katz attends State of State with resignation up her sleeve

One of Gov. Dan Malloy’s top appointees handed in a resignation letter after his State of the State speech today:, his choice to run the Department of Children and Families, resigned from the Connecticut Supreme Court, effective at the close of business.

Wearing her black judicial robes, Katz sat with the rest of the court on a makeshift stage to the new governor’s left. She was a little freer in her applause than the other justices, who tend to practice their poker faces during State of the State addresses.

Tucked in her left sleeve was a resignation letter. After the speech, Katz said she would be looking for Malloy’s chief of staff, Timothy F. Bannon, to accept the resignation that would end her judicial career and begin a new chapter overseeing a state agency that has been under federal court supervision for 20 years.

Malloy is the fourth governor since DCF came under the court order.


Justice Joette Katz with her resignation letter up the sleeve of her robe