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In tough times, states and unions face off

As governors all over the country prepare to deal with huge budget deficits, public employee union contracts and benefits are coming under increasing scrutiny, Melissa Maynard reports at Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy won election last year with strong union support, but he also has promised to seek $2 billion in cuts to the […]

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Jepsen lets assistant AGs into the sunlight

Attorney General George Jepsen is taking pains not to criticize his predecessor and fellow Democrat, Richard Blumenthal, but he is quickly showing some stylistic differences in his first month in office. For one thing, Jepsen is acknowledging the work of his subordinates. As was the case in today’s announcement of a $4.25 million antitrust settlement […]

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The Reagan centennial: Assessing the Gipper

Ronald Reagan was born 100 years ago next Sunday, and the upcoming centennial–as well as tributes from President Obama and other unlikely sources–is generating much commentary. A sample: Reagan had less to do with the fall of Communism than his devotees believe today, Walter Shapiro says at Politics Daily, and conservatives have conveniently airbrushed his […]

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If ‘demography is destiny,’ Connecticut’s future is grim

Connecticut’s leaders are understandably obsessing over the state’s fiscal crisis, but a prominent economist warned Monday that the bigger and more difficult challenge to its long-term economic health is anemic population growth and an aging workforce. Barry Bluestone of Northeastern University told a Hartford audience that the state must continue smart-growth zoning policies that encourage […]