If you’re sick of reading about the 2012 presidential race with 2011 barely under way, Politico has the answer: It’s skipping ahead to 2016.

At least that’s what Politico’s Michael Kinsley claims in a tongue-in-cheek (one hopes) column.

“While other websites and bloggers may have full-time reporters covering each of the 14 leading candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination, only POLITICO has teams of reporters traveling with the campaigns of all 274 Democrats who have been mentioned as possible successors to President Barack Obama in 2016,” Kinsley says. “That includes 197 people who have been mentioned only by themselves.”

When Politico was founded, Kinsley notes, skeptics wondered if there was enough interest in political trivia to sustain the site. That concern has proved to be unfounded.

“Some experts now worry that today’s announcement is an indication that the media are consuming political news faster than it is being produced and that such news could run out. They note that there are already shortages on certain days, such as Christmas and the entire last week of August.”

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