Ex-Sen. Chris Dodd, who retired earlier this year after 30 years in the Senate, is reportedly in talks with the Motion Picture Association of America to become the group’s top lobbyist.

“It’s not a done deal, but he’s the only one in negotiations,” an unnamed source told Politico’s Mike Allen.

Dodd was not immediately available for comment. But an aide, Mike McKiernan, did not deny the report.

“The Senator is talking with a number of people both in the public and private sector about various options, but he hasn’t made any decisions yet about his next step,” McKiernan said in an email to the Mirror.

In an interview last year, Dodd told the Mirror that he didn’t want to become a lobbyist. “No lobbying, no lobbying,” he said of his post-political career options. At that time, he also dismissed reports that he was under consideration by the MPAA for the top job.

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