Embroiled in two wars, battered in the polls and battling Republicans on every front, President Barrack Obama has at least one consolation at the end of the day: his own home-brewed beer.

Not brewed by Obama himself, of course, the blog Obama Foodorama reports–he’s way too busy. But the president and Michelle Obama did use their own funds to buy the equipment used by White House chefs to produce a honey ale served to guests at last month’s Super Bowl Party. It’s believed to be the first beer brewed in the White House.

Given his vast and eclectic interests, Thomas Jefferson would seem a likely candidate for First Brewer, but White House Curator Bill Allman says no; a previous presidential historian reported that Jefferson’s steward bought all the whiskey, beer and cider served during his term. Nor did the White House resort to home brewing during Prohibition, Allman said, although he admitted, “there was some consumption of illegal alcoholic beverages.”

“There is no evidence in our files concerning brewing during those decades or during the rest of White House history,” Allman said.

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