A month after Republican Linda McMahon lost her Senate bid to Democrat Richard Blumenthal, she told Republicans in Washington she wanted to meet with them, presumably about a possible 2012 race.

But McMahon still hasn’t made her visit to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, keeping national party strategists guessing about her plans.

“I haven’t heard from her, so I don’t know what her intentions are,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, chairman of the Senate GOP’s campaign committee.

Cornyn was noncommittal when asked whether he wanted McMahon to run again. McMahon spent $50 million on her 2010 contest and could similarly self-fund a second bid, a big benefit to the national party, which could then funnel its campaign cash to other candidates.

“I just have one criterion,” said Cornyn. “And that is somebody who can win.”

Does McMahon meet that standard? Cornyn wouldn’t answer that.

But he said he’s not worried that the GOP field remains empty and that other possible candidates might be holding back until McMahon decides.

“Obviously somebody who has run and particularly somebody who’s got an ability to self-fund looks pretty formidable,” he said. “But on the other hand she wasn’t successful and other people may feel like she’s had her shot and now it’s their chance. Having said all that, I’ve gotten no indication, one way or another, what her intentions are… And I just think it’s really early.”

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