Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, really doesn’t want any Husky fans to miss out on Thursday night’s UConn men’s basketball game against Bucknell University. So he’s asking the head of CBS to air the match-up on network television.

In a letter to Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS, and Mark A. Emmert, of the NCAA, Courtney notes that the game is now set to air on TNT, which is only available to cable and satellite subscribers. That means, Courtney said, that 150,000 households in Connecticut will not be able to watch Thursday’s first round NCAA Tournament game.

“WFSB, the local CBS affiliate in Connecticut, is scheduled to air the Wofford vs. Brigham Young game instead, leaving many Husky fans in the dark,” Courtney writes. “To this end, I ask that WFSB be given the license rights to carry the Connecticut game in place of the currently scheduled game.”

The Democrat, whose district includes UConn, says that Husky basketball “is a source of pride for just about everyone you will meet, and interest in the NCAA championship tournament can be found in every corner of the state.”

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