As slogans go, this one is about as evocative as you can get: “No Boogers in Our Burgers.”

Gross, yes. But effective? That remains to be seen.

That catch-phrase promises to be on prominent display during a rally for paid sick days at Friendly’s Restaurant in West Haven tomorrow. Rep. Rosa DeLauro and others have organized the event to highlight the nexus between employee benefits and public health.

DeLauro said in a news advisory that giving workers-especially those in the food service industry–paid sick days will help prevent “the spread of illnesses and dangerous viral infections,” saving employers money and encouraging productivity in the long run.

She said nationally, about 4 in 5 food service workers lacks paid sick days and pointed to a study which found that one in eight food service workers reported coming to work sick twice in the last year, “with symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea.”

The rally is aimed to boost support for legislation in Hartford that would requires private companies with 50 or more employees to give their workers paid sick time. Some business groups say the measure would add another onus on the private sector and worsen the state’s image as anti-business.

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