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A Yale lawyer on the brink of confirmation to federal appeals court

WASHINGTON–As appellate court nominees go, Susan Carney doesn’t have the typical resume. She hasn’t questioned many witnesses, tried many cases, or starred in many courtroom dramas. For more than 12 years, Carney has worked as a top lawyer for Yale University, where she is now second-in-command in the school’s general counsel’s office. “It’s a nonstandard […]

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No, it’s not the JJB, but…

Chris Dodd managed to find something to do without his annual trip to the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner in Hartford. So did Joe Lieberman, who hasn’t been back to the JJB since he was booed in 2006 while introducing Barack Obama. Lieberman was at the White House, watching Obama congratulate the UConn men’s basketball team […]

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At the JJB: Donovan for Congress

He has yet to announce, but House Speaker Christoper G. Donovan’s congressional ambitions are on display tonight at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner. Diners are being offered a Donovan for Congress sticker as they enter the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford for the Democratic Party’s annual fundraising dinner.

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Study: Most metro residents have access to mass transit, but systems don’t link to jobs

Almost 70 percent of people living in the country’ 100 largest metropolitan areas have access to public transportation, and residents of lower-income areas have better access than their more affluent neighbors, according to a new study by the Bookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program. But the study also found that only 30 percent of jobs can […]

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Reapportionment under way

The politically sensitive, decennial task of drawing new congressional and legislative districts is under way. The Reapportionment Committee signed off today on a web site designed by the Office of Legislative Research that will go live at midday Tuesday. The bipartisan panel of four Democratic and four Republican legislators also scheduled public hearings for June […]

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Granite State sets a course to become the new South for employers

Battling public sector unions has proved to be so much fun for Republicans that Democrats in the Northeast want in on the party: Last month Democrats in the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House adopted a bill limiting public union bargaining rights. In New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget will force all governmental units statewide to pare […]