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Political anger closes minds

Anger is a great political motivator, Lee Drutman says at Miller-McCune, but it has its downsides, not least of which is that it makes people impervious to other points of view. Researchers who study politics and emotion say two major factors lead people to become angry over adverse circumstances, rather than fearful or anxious. One, […]

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House passes bill outlawing transgender discrimination

With every Republican in opposition, the House of Representatives voted 77 to 62 Thursday night for legislation barring discrimination against perhaps one of the last unprotected minorities, the transgender population. The bill barring discrimination on the basis of gender identity applies to employment, housing and public accommodations, including the use of restrooms – a topic […]

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Compromise will allow some towns to cut spending on education

Legislation that would allow communities in which student populations have declined markedly to cut school funding appears likely to pass this year–but some hard-pressed cities and towns won’t be eligible. Joseph Cirasuolo of school superintendents association: ‘That’s a very questionable public policy’ (WNPR) Rep. Andy Fleischmann, the co-chairman of the Education Committee, said legislative leaders […]

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House passes most favored nation ban

A proposal to ban a controversial provision used in contracts between health care providers and insurance companies passed the House by a vote of 140-0 Thursday. It now goes to the Senate. The provision, known as a most favored nation clause, requires a hospital or health care provider to give an insurance company the lowest […]

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Bill scrapping college requirement for substitute teachers heads to governor’s desk

Substitute teachers may soon need just a high school diploma to be hired, as the state House of Representatives sent to the governor’s desk a bill that would no longer require substitute teachers have a bachelor’s degree. “We’ve heard from a lot of districts it’s causing a burden on them,” said Rep. Andy Fleischmann, D-West Hartford […]