A few months after marijuana was decriminalized in Connecticut, students at the University of Connecticut have put forward a plan to knock down the penalties on campus. Not everyone was happy.

The student government meeting where the plan was approved 24-7 ended with overturned chairs and an argument that led to the police being called, reports UConn’s student newspaper.

That plan called for equal punishments for alcohol possession as marijuana possession by no longer requiring university employees to call the police when they discover a student is in possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana.

Disciplinary standards for marijuana possession on campuses in Connecticut have remained largely untouched since this new law began. Possible sanctions for the possession or use of illegal drugs can still result in a student being suspended. This plan approved by UConn’s student government would need to be approved by the Board of Trustees before marijuana possession was decriminalized both criminally and academically.

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