Close to 2,100 employees at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center got flu vaccines in recent weeks following a new hospital policy that requires all employees to get vaccinated. Five employees failed to get vaccinated before the deadline and will be terminated, according to the hospital.

In all, more than 2,900 employees, community physicians, contractors and volunteers were vaccinated as part of the “Take Your Best Shot” campaign.

Employees who felt they could not get the shot because of medical or religious reasons were required to show written proof, which then went through an independent approval process. The policy was based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics in response to low levels of flu vaccination among health care workers.

The hospital says it has gotten requests for advice from infection prevention directors across the country on implementing similar programs.

The campaign began Oct. 16 with a 24-hour mass immunization drill that vaccinated approximately 1,272 employees. The hospital will use the findings from the drill to improve its emergency operations plan and review vaccine distribution in the event of pandemic influenza or a bioterrorism event.

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