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Nanny state, or common sense?

On the “go list” of items cleared for action today by the state House of Representatives are things on some folks’ weekend to-do list. Are they further evidence of a “nanny state,” or overdue safety measures that you may have thought were already on the books? Been meaning to install a smoke detector or carbon […]

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Bringing Respect Back to Teaching

Some students in public schools enter the classroom not completely understanding the importance of being there. I can relate. I attended Batchelder Elementary School in Hartford, where I was not challenged academically. Expectations were low, and so was my motivation. Teachers have a huge responsibility; it is a profession that affects the lives of others, […]

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Fix Remedial Education System

In 100 years of fighting poverty, the Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS) has seen again and again that a good education throughout one’s life is critical to family economic success. CAHS produces research to drive advocacy and draws attention to the “developmental achievement gap,”  in which thousands of students now graduate from high school without […]

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House approves same-day voter registration

A bill that would allow election-day voter registration won legislative approval Monday night after a long and partisan House debate. “Once you’ve proven you are who you are, then you can go vote,” Rep. Russell Morin, D-Wethersfield, and co-chairman of the legislature’s elections committee, said summarizing the bill during a five-hour debate. The final vote […]

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Your child’s school and the use of physical restraints and seclusion…

As legislators consider a bill that would require school officials to report and justify every time they physically restrain a student or place a child in seclusion, the U.S. Department of Education has some interesting data on the prevalence of these practices district-by-district and school-by-school. With 904 incidents in 2009, Waterbury puts more students into […]