It’s official: there will be a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

Susan Bysiewicz, who finished in second place at the Democratic convention, filed the necessary paperwork Tuesday that ensures her a place on the Aug. 14 primary ballot.

“We’re excited about going forward,” the former secretary of the state told reporters. “Primaries are incredibly helpful for our election process because they get voters involved much earlier.”

And then she quickly pivoted to her Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.

“It’s not about the insiders anymore… Now there are two choices for the Democratic voters of our state,” she said. “Chris Murphy has become Wall Street. Chris Murphy is too cozy with Wall Street and he’s not someone who’s going to be able to stand up to the likes of” top insurance and hedge fund managers.

Her proof: Murphy has received millions from such people.

“What we need is a leader who is able to stand strong against corporate and special interests,” she said.

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