The State Department of Education announced Tuesday which districts have applied to become a pilot district to launch the state’s new pilot teacher evaluation system for the coming school year.

Thirty-five districts have applied, and the state department will announce Friday which districts will have the pilots.

The districts include Portland, Cromwell, New Hartford, Suffield, Windsor, Plainville, Berlin, Odyssey Charter School, Watertown, Region 6 school district, Capitol Region Education Council, Watertown, Torrington, Monroe, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Montville, Branford, Waterbury, Bethany, Orange, Woodbridge, Sterling, Waterford, Westbrook, Cheshire, Naugatuck, Columbia, Eastford, Hebron, Windham, Region 8 school district, Sprague, Colchester, Andover, Deep River, Chester, Region 4 school district, Essex, Norwich and Franklin.

An official from the state department said that the majority of the school boards have received approval from their local school board to participate, as required by state law. She added it hasn’t been an issue so far getting board approval and districts have until today to get their school board to approve.

Update: School boards in all 35 districts have approved their district participating in the pilot. The State Department of Education will inform eight to 10 districts Friday that they have been selected to pilot the new state evaluation model for the upcoming school year.

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