“I want to commend the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI for their diligence in the investigation and the speed in which they’ve taken action.  Law enforcement is in many ways the first and last line of defense for our taxpayers, and when an announcement like this happens, we should all be grateful for their work.

“These allegations are despicable. While I am encouraged that the Speaker is cooperating with the investigation, his position requires that he give our residents a full explanation of what he knows.

“Allegations like this not only damage a campaign or a candidate, they also undermine citizen’s belief in their government’s ability to carry out its responsibilities.”

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

“These allegations against Mr. Donovan’s campaign staff are very serious and we are sure the FBI will investigate this matter thoroughly.  Our campaign does not wish to inflame any issues surrounding the investigation.”

Dan Roberti, a Democratic candidate for Congress

“I am and every other citizen of Connecticut should be deeply troubled by the serious and unsettling allegations revealed today in connection with the arrest of Robert Braddock Jr. Speaker Donovan owes it to all in our state to make himself available promptly to fully answer all questions relating to his involvement in the alleged criminal activity. Because these allegations implicate the Speaker’s role as the leader of the Connecticut House of Representatives and the public trust he is charged with upholding in that role, there can be no excuse for not answering immediately the many disturbing questions which are raised by these allegations.”

Sen. Andrew Roraback, a Republican candidate for Congress

“This could be another in a series of ethical lapses by Donovan’s campaign. These are very serious charges, and at the very least they speak to the issue of judgment and character. If it should turn out that Donovan knew about this activity, it is the worst possible breach of the public trust in a country that prides itself on free and open elections. To cheat the system is not only illegal, but unforgivable.”

Chris Cooper, spokesman for Mark Greenberg, a GOP candidate

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