State Comptroller Kevin P. Lembo Tuesday launched what he is calling a “virtual roundtable” to gain residents’ insights into policy debates and questions.

The comptroller said he would pose questions regularly through two sites: on Facebook at “Comptroller Kevin Lembo” and on the Office of the State Comptroller’s website at

“The virtual roundtable is about promoting and provoking direct public involvement and debate in government — pure democracy,” Lembo said. “Policies and laws should not be made in a vacuum. This is an invitation to all Connecticut residents to take the floor and have their say on real policy issues as they’re being developed.”

The first question, posted today, tackles the concept of providing tax credits and other financial expenditures to entice businesses to locate or expand in the state.

Future questions will likely cover a variety of topics, including the economy, health care, energy, according to the comptroller.

Participants can endorse ideas by “liking” Lembo’s facebook page, contributing to the comments section, or by emailing Lembo directly at

“I can’t promise that I’ll always agree — or that all ideas will be adopted — but I can promise that I will be listening and considering all input carefully with an open mind.”

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