Republican 5th congressional district candidate Mark Greenberg questioned Thursday whether Islam is a religion of peace.

“I don’t believe in all manner, that Islam is a religion of peace and we have to be careful about that,” said Greenberg on WNPR’s Where We Live. “We got to be honest about it. We have to be able to be real about the fact that some people in that religion are out to kill us.”

Greenberg even compared Islam to a cult. “I think it’s more a blueprint for living one’s life, a cult in many respects,” he said. Greenberg didn’t disagree that Judaism and Catholicism are also ways of living but they are “very peaceful religions.”

Audio of interview

He expressed his views on Islam after talking about immigration’s role in the United States. “I do believe we are a melting pot and I do believe that some of our greatest citizens now came from other countries,” said Greenberg. He added that “Judeo-Christian values are part of the fiber of this country and what made it great.”

Greenberg is running as a social conservative and he is a pro-life candidate. When it comes to gay marriage,  “I don’t know if they should be able to be married. I think marriage as a union is dedicated to a man and a woman,” said Greenberg. He is also opposed to a national law allowing gay marriage.

He also weighed in on the Affordable Care Act, which like many Republican candidates, he opposes. “My sense is that I don’t like what I see in Obamacare,” said Greenberg.

When asked about his plan for health care reform, he did not have a specific plan. “I don’t have the answers for everything. I’m the first to admit it,” he said.

Greenberg is running for Rep. Chris Murphy’s congressional seat in the 5th district for the second consecutive cycle. The Republican primary is August 14th.

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