Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, along with other state officials, on Wednesday announced the selection of 10 new sites for school-based Family Resource Centers.

“Expansions of Connecticut’s Family Resource Center network was a key part of the education reform legislation that we passed earlier this year,” Malloy told school superintendents from around the state at a back-to-school meeting in Hartford Wednesday. “Family resource centers can make a difference in a young person’s life. … It makes the connections in the community that all too often are left unmade without someone intervening.”

Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor said the centers offer quality services to families in children.

“By boosting access to these valuable school-linked services, we help ensure that children come to school ready to learn and that families have access to the services they need,” Pryor said in a statement.

The centers, which by law must be located in public elementary schools, provide a number of services, including screenings for child development needs, before- and after-school care, high school equivalency classes, and English as a Second Language (ESL) programming, Malloy said.

The education reforms passed during the 2012 legislative session earmarked about $1.9 million to fund the Family Resource Centers around the state. About $800,000 of that amount will support programs at the 62 centers already in existence, with the remainder fundingthe 10 new centers.

The new centers will be located at:

  • J. C. Clark School, Hartford
  • Fair Haven Elementary School, New Haven
  • Franklin Mayberry Elementary School, East Hartford
  • John B. Stanton Elementary School, Norwich
  • Greene-Hills School, Bristol
  • Jonathan Reed Elementary School, Waterbury
  • Ridge Hill School, Hamden
  • Roger Sherman Elementary School, Meriden
  • Ross Woodward Classical Studies School, New Haven
  • Smith Elementary School, New Britain

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