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Lawmakers question practice of using long-term funds to provide short-term cash

State government continues to occasionally use money reserved for capital projects to cover operating bills, and then returns the funds later — a practice several critics acknowledged Wednesday isn’t illegal. Neither, they conceded, is it costly. In fact, it effectively allows the state to borrow funds more cheaply than it could if officials sought a […]

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State wins federal funds to reunite homeless parents with their children

There are hundreds of Connecticut famalies whose children live in foster care because their parents have no home. For 50 of those families, things are about to change. Gov. Dannel Malloy’s administration announced Thursday that Connecticut has been awarded $5 million in federal funds that will reunite 50 families by providing them with affordable housing and […]

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McMahon walks a middle path on abortion

As they search for a wedge issue to blunt the gains Republican Linda McMahon is making among women in the U.S. Senate race, Democrats are turning to McMahon’s overtures to both sides of the abortion debate. McMahon describes herself as pro-choice, but she has won favor in conservative quarters with her embrace of restrictions on […]