Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said his administration is not involved in any attempt to force out the 12 current community college presidents.

The Connecticut Mirror reported Tuesday that the president of the state’s largest community college sent an email to her faculty informing them that the community college presidents risk termination if they do not accept a buyout package.

Asked Wednesday if his administration is urging the system president and board to eliminate these positions, Malloy responded saying, “No. No. No.”

Malloy appoints the majority of the board members, handpicks the system’s president and recommends to the General Assembly how much money the state should send the colleges each year.

Numerous requests this week by the Mirror of all the community college presidents to verify or reject Gena Glickman’s email that they are being offered a buyout have gone unanswered. Glickman also has not made available documents detailing the offered buyout she mentions in her email.

Malloy told reporters at the state Capitol complex Wednesday that he’s not sure what the basis was for Glickman’s email, saying that is a question for her and the system’s central office.

Top higher education officials have strongly refuted her email.

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