Roraback, Esty, continue the money chase

Washington — Andrew Roraback, who has benefitted from fundraisers featuring the most powerful Republicans in the House of Representatives, raised more than $240,000 in a 17-day period this month.

In pre-election filings with the Federal Election Commission, Roraback, a Republican, reported raising nearly $179,000 from individuals and $63,000 from PACs from Oct.1-17.

Some of those PAC donations came from Connecticut businesses, including the Aetna and Travelers PACs, which each gave $5,000.

Meanwhile,  Roraback’s rival for the 5th District congressional seat, Democrat Elizabeth Esty, raised about $211,000, nearly $140,000 from individuals and $71,000 from PACs.  Some of those PACs belong to unions representing postal workers, air traffic controllers, machinists and other trades.

Esty also loaned her campaign another $45,000, making the total loaned to the campaign $570,000.  She told the FEC she has forgiven her campaign $250,000 of that debt.

Both candidates in the very competitive race are receiving help from their parties.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., both held fundraisers  in Hartford and Greenwich for Roraback earlier this month.

Meanwhile,  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was featured at a fundraiser for Esty in Greenwich on Wednesday. That fundraiser was held after the FEC’s reporting deadline so money raised at the event was not included in the latest filings.

Roraback  reported $203,000 in cash-on-hand on Oct. 17. Esty reported $173,000 in cash-on-hand.