Connecticut residents, workers and businesses will get a break on a number of deadlines this month as the state begins to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who ordered most of these grace periods, started things off early Monday by ordering that all expiration dates for motor vehicle registrations, licenses, permits, certificates and credentials be extended indefinitely until further notice is given.

“It is simply not realistic right now for people to meet these deadlines considering that we are urging people to stay in their homes and avoid the severe weather,” the governor said Monday.

A Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman said shortly before noon Tuesday that the temporary suspension remained in effect.

By midday Monday, the governor also had pushed back the deadline for potential voters to register in time to cast ballots next Tuesday, Election Day. The original deadline of 8 tonight has been moved to 8 p.m., Thursday.

Malloy also issued several executive orders Monday evening extending three Nov. 1 deadlines until Nov. 15, involving:

  • Employers’ unemployment tax filings and payments;
  • Businesses’ personal property tax declarations;
  • Applications from businesses and farms seeking property tax exemptions for farm machinery, farm land, forest land and open space.

Another order allows credentialed out-of-state telecommunications electrical workers to perform work here that normally must be performed by Connecticut-licensed public service technicians.

The executive orders can be viewed at

And Tuesday morning, the governor and Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan extended the deadline for various state tax filings and payments due this week until the end of business on Wednesday Nov. 7.

State tax deadlines extended from Oct. 31, 2012 include:

  • Monthly and quarterly sales and use tax;
  • Income tax withholding;
  • Alcoholic beverage tax;
  • Admissions and dues tax;
  • Electric generators tax; and
  • Various gross earnings taxes.

Sullivan also waived state commercial tax registration requirements for out-of-state fuel suppliers, storm contractors and others coming into Connecticut on an emergency basis.

“For all those affected by the storm, flooding, loss of power and damage, taxes are the last thing they need to worry about,” Sullivan said. “Similarly, no tax paperwork should impede disaster recovery.”

The state tax extension does not affect federal Internal Revenue Services tax deadlines.

Further information may be obtained by visiting the DRS website at

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