By: Georgia Lobb

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) just announced a series of mobile applications that are intended to make commuting easier for passengers in Connecticut. They are listed here on DOT’s webpage.

These applications, which are accessible via iPhone or Android devices, include maps, traffic advisories, and public transit announcements. CDOT hopes that these apps will alleviate some of the tribulations they endure during their travel experiences in Connecticut.

Most of us with a smart phone already have Google Maps installed, which is the first application that CDOT recommends.

Car Commuters:

The next, which can be yours for $2.99, is called Connecticut Traffic Advisor. It’s the number one traffic app for Connecticut, and CDOT boasts that it “gives you the full power of CDOT’s website when you need it the most – on the go.” This app lets you view traffic cameras, see nearby accidents, and more.

Connecticut Multicam is also listed. This app is designed more for the car commuter; it allows you to view traffic cameras all over i-95. It will cost you $1.99.

RoadAhead is another application for drivers, which “helps you find the best exit ahead on the highway for all your travel needs.” User reviews rave about how this app isn’t just another travel application: “We use it all the time when traveling. If we’re in a strange (to us) town it’s so easy to find a coffee shop, restaurant (fast food or sit down), a grocery store or just about anything else a traveler needs.” This application requires a subscription.

Intrix Traffic is the final application recommended for car commuters. The description proudly states “Never Be Late Again!”. This app is free, and includes features such as an interactive page where you can share your traffic experiences with friends. It shows you the best traffic routes to take, and ones to avoid.

Public Transit Commuters:

ITrans Metro North is a subscription for train riders, which boasts: “Commute like a pro with easy offline schedules and live service alert info! Plus get push alerts for track numbers, delays, and service alerts.” This application requires a subscription.

Finally, CDOT lists Amtrack’s mobile app which claims it will change the way you ride the train.  “Get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, book your trip on the go, and stay up-to-date as trains arrive. Do it all without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or extra trips to the office,” says the description. Another perk? This app is free.

So there you have it, an arsenal of apps with which to protect yourself from the woes of commuting. As a side note… I used Boston’s MBTA mobile app all summer, being a regular T rider, and it was almost never accurate in terms of train arrival and departure times. Hopefully these Connecticut applications are as reliable as they claim to be!

CDOT hopes that these will make your travel experience more bearable in a day and age when the daily commute can seem like a long, strange, and backbreaking journey.

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