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Malloy’s push to avoid taxes, preserve education, spurs more borrowing

While Gov. Dannel P. Malloy pledged to avoid new taxes and preserve education reforms, the legislature’s top Republicans charged Tuesday that the governor’s new budget dramatically expands the state’s hefty credit card balance. Besides refinancing debt from the last recession and borrowing to prop up municipal aid and support the conversion to Generally Accepted Accounting […]

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Stamford’s failed attempt at energy innovation cost taxpayers tens of millions

This is the second of two parts examining the Stamford sewage treatment plant’s long history of problems and their causes, the financial implications for local residents and environmental consequences for the entire state. Part I is available here. Stamford — On a Wednesday evening in December, an overwhelmingly unpleasant smell wafted over the parking lot […]

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Changes are coming, DSS chief tells panel

The new technology system the Department of Social Services is installing will have web services, “edocuments” and “telephony” — an interactive voice response service through the phone. DSS clients will be able to do online applications and prescreen themselves. In addition, the new system will do away with the need for one caseworker to handle […]