Williams confirms no gun control vote until next week

What we reported as likely last week became a certainty Monday: The General Assembly will delay a vote on gun violence legislation in response to Newtown until next week, after the Lenten season and observances of Passover.

Religion played a minor role, as Christian and Jewish holy days effectively left the legislature with a single day — Wednesday — on which to vote without conflicting with either Passover or Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

But the deciding factor was the expected release of information gathered by State Police through search warrants after Adam Lanza’s murder of 26 students and educators in Newtown. The warrant applications and returns, an inventory of what was found, are expected to be unsealed Wednesday or Thursday.

Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams Jr., D-Brookly, said Monday he expects nothing in the returns that will change the debate, but even the slight chance of being given relevant information was reason to delay action for another week.

No interim report or police narrative is expected with the information, he said.