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UConn to consider restricting some faculty/student relationships

The governing board for the University of Connecticut is expected to consider changes to its policies that would prohibit “romantic relationships” between faculty and any undergraduate or graduate student over whom they have authority. “The University’s rationale is that it’s very difficult to gauge consent when there’s a power imbalance,” a spokeswoman said. This announcement […]

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Nuclear option avoided – vote cleared for McCarthy

A last-minute deal Tuesday avoided a blowup of the Senate over President Obama’s nominees and cleared the way for a confirmation vote for Gina McCarthy, the president’s choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency. McCarthy once headed Connecticut’s environmental protection agency. She was caught up in a bitter partisan fight over a group of nominees […]

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Supreme Court will decide Bridgeport’s leadership drama (again)

The Connecticut Supreme Court will decide the fate of ousted Bridgeport schools Superintendent Paul Vallas, the chief justice announced Tuesday. Vallas was determined by a lower court judge last month to not be qualified to run Bridgeport’s schools — the state’s largest public school system. In announcing Chief Justice Chase Rogers’ decision for the high court to hear […]

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UConn case renews debate on who should have to report abuse

DCF Commissioner Joette Katz (left), Rep. Diana Urban , House chairwoman of the Children's Committee (Right) The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp reported Robert Miller to the Department of Children and Families in February, a day after learning that police were investigating sexual abuse allegations that led to Miller’s dismissal as a camp volunteer […]