The rates have been finalized for health insurance plans that will be sold through the new insurance marketplace created by federal health reform. But the actual premiums people pay will vary considerably, based on age, county, the specific plan type, and whether discounts are available.

What will it cost you? Grab a calculator (or superior mathematical mind) and follow this step-by-step guide to determine your options.

1. Pick a plan.

The differences in colors represent how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket when you get care. Gold plans will require the lowest out-of-pocket spending, while bronze plans will require the most.

The numbers in this chart are the monthly base rates for each plan.

2. Adjust for your age.

Multiply the base rate for your plan by the number next to your age in this chart.

3. Adjust for where you live.

Multiply the number from step 2 by the number assigned to your county for the insurance carrier selling the plan you selected.

4. (Optional) Add family members

If you have multiple people in your household to cover, repeat this process for each person and add the numbers together.

5. Check for discounts

To determine if you’ll qualify for a discount based on your income and family size, click here.

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