Nowadays there seems to be no limit on what Obamacare will be blamed for.

Witness a phone conversation with my brother in Florida the other day.  “Oh that Obamacare, he says, “everyone’s hours (at the pharmacy where he works) are being cut to under 30/ week so they (the employer) won’t have to pay health care benefits.  “Really, I said.   So they’ve hired another person to capture the those hours while still having everyone under the 30 hour/week limit?”    “No, he said, they haven’t hired anyone new.”  “Well that sounds like they’re just cutting hours and health care benefits have nothing to do with it.”  “Well, yeah, I guess so.”

And then there are the “A rose by any other name” Obamacare detractors who have no idea what it is except they don’t like it.  Case in point:

It’s the Kentucky State Fair and a middle-aged man shuffles up to a small folding table and listens to the merits of Kynect, the state’s health benefit exchange.  The man, impressed, smiles and mutters, “this beats Obamacare I hope.”

The truth is, it Is Obamacare.   And as polling evidence thus far is showing, people like the provisions of the Affordable Care Act but have no idea those provisions are in fact the substance of that terrible, tyrannical “Obamacare” program they keep hearing about. 

In October all over America people will be signing up for health insurance through State-run exchanges such as Kynect or Your Health Idaho or Access Health CT (or whatever name their state has chosen) without realizing the very creation of those exchanges is the result of Obamacare — a program they not only believe has nothing to offer them but, heaven forbid is the first step toward socialized medicine.

The good news is by the time they realize this, they’ll already be living with the security of guaranteed health insurance and after all, that is what Obamacare is all about.


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