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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage network changes roil physician groups

Physician groups are warning that seniors could face challenges getting medical care because UnitedHealthcare is cutting doctors from its Medicare Advantage network. The Connecticut State Medical Society said Thursday that UnitedHealthcare had sent thousands of letters to doctors in the state saying they had been “terminated without cause” from the insurer’s Medicare Advantage network, effective Feb. 1.

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Who pays on the Connecticut shoreline: More and more it’s property owners

Charlie Dill’s dose of reality about living on the Connecticut shoreline hit right in the bank account this past summer. That’s when he discovered his 1920s-era home, four houses off the water on the peninsula in Stamford known as Shippan Point, had been reclassified into a flood zone. It meant even though the house went through both Tropical Storm Irene and storm Sandy without taking on a drop of water, his mortgage lender would now require flood insurance.

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Jim Himes’ Wall Street savvy puts him on top in debt ceiling crisis

Washington – As an expert on Wall Street and global markets, Rep. Jim Himes’ stock is rising as the nation lurches toward the brink of a fiscal cliff.For weeks, Himes, a Democrat who represents Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District, has been issuing Cassandra-like warnings about the dire consequences of defaulting on the nation’s bills, a looming […]

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Connecticut buys a tennis tournament

The administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has agreed to pay $618,000 for the rights to the New Haven Open at Yale tennis tournament in what a top state official says is an unprecedented government investment in professional sports.The purchase was announced Thursday in a conference call by Ben Barnes, who oversees the state budget […]