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Anthem extends payment deadline for new members

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has extended the payment deadline for customers beginning coverage in February and will continue to provide customer service to people who visit the company’s Wallingford headquarters through the end of the month. Continue Reading →

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CT Democrats make election-year pitch to older voters

The General Assembly’s election-year session doesn’t begin until next week, but one thing already is clear: Legislators and the governor are ardently courting older voters, one of largest and most reliable elements of the electorate.

Democratic leaders Friday outlined a low-cost, high-profile legislative agenda of consumer protections and other items backed by AARP, the over-50 advocacy group that says polling shows its members comprise 40 percent of voter turnout in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Malloy offers modest tax breaks for retired CT teachers, consumers

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed a second round of tax cuts Friday, including a new income tax break for retired teachers that could provide a strategic edge in his re-election bid.

The governor also backed a sales tax exemption for non-prescription medications, an insurance premium break for cities and towns, extending a credit for business investors and a two-day state park fee holiday.

These breaks, worth about $52 million in the fiscal year that begins July 1, would be in addition to the $155 million sales and gasoline tax rebate Malloy unveiled Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut women victims of pay gap

Washington – Despite the state’s progressive bent, women in Connecticut earn only about 78 percent of what men make, a gender-wage gap close to the national disparity. The finance, defense, information technology, medical and scientific research industries that hire many people in Connecticut all have large gender-wage disparities.

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Democrats want more oversight on hospital ownership changes

The future of Bristol Hospital is as part of a large network, CEO Kurt Barwis believes. But that vision of the hospital’s future relies in part on the legislature: With the strong encouragement of organized labor, legislators will make expanding the regulatory oversight needed for changes in hospital ownership a top priority this year. Continue Reading →

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Malloy learns from Rowland’s slip on 1998 CT tax rebate

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy apparently has learned from former Gov. John G. Rowland’s mistake.

By proposing to rebate sales and gasoline taxes – instead of income taxes – Malloy would spare nearly all recipients from having to share about 30 percent of their bonus with the federal government. Rowland made that mistake in 1998 when he and the General Assembly launched the first tax rebate program in state history. Continue Reading →

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Judge, 90: ‘I Was Not Asleep’

New Haven — In a rare self-defense from the bench, a nonagenarian federal judge said she was merely “bored,” not catching a few winks, while presiding over a New Haven trial involving the largest federal drug sweep in state history. Senior Judge Ellen Bree Burns made that statement before the fourth day of proceedings inside U.S. District Court on Church Street in the federal drug trial of Robert Santos, Philip Bryant, and Richard Anderson.  The three men were taken into custody in 2012, when federal agents ended an 18-month wiretap investigation by arresting over 100 people. They’re accused of conspiracy as part of a huge drug-dealing ring. Theirs is the third case to come out of the federal drug sweep, dubbed “Operation Bloodline.”

As many as two dozen family members and supporters have shown up each day to watch the court proceedings. A number of them have complained that Judge Burns, who is 90, appeared at times to be falling asleep. Continue Reading →

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CT Democrats plan coronation, not convention

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has been insisting he has yet to decide if he is running for re-election, an assertion that prompts eye-rolling among the Capitol press. On Thursday, his own party made clear they are not buying the indecision claim, either. Connecticut Democrats announced that their nominating convention will be May 16, a Friday evening, at the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford. The schedule assumes that all six statewide constitutional officers, Malloy included, will be renominated by acclamation. Conventions to nominate for contested positions are typically all-day affairs, requiring long roll-call votes. Continue Reading →

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After UConn sexual assault complaint, CT women lawmakers call for change

The ripples continue from complaints against the state’s flagship university for how it handled reports from students of sexual assault. The 54 women in the General Assembly Thursday released a list of changes to state law they are seeking in the legislative session that begins next week. Continue Reading →

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