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Posted inEducation

Plans for quality and safety ratings for Connecticut day cares ‘on hold’

Several attempts have been made through the years to launch a statewide rating system for day care centers and preschools so parents will know if they are safe and what the quality of the programs are. This was a goal of the Malloy administration, but with the state’s second failed bid to land federal Race to the Top funding to pay for the initiative, a rating system is “on hold,” according to a report in the website of the Connecticut Health Investigative Team (

Posted inPolitics

Connecticut plans to launch open data portal

Every time an inmate enters or leaves a correction facility in Connecticut, a database is updated so the state has an accurate count of its incarcerated population. And each day, those numbers are used to produce a chart on the state’s website. It’s one of the few state “datasets” that is updated daily for the public. But it takes persistence to find the chart because it’s buried on the website of the state’s Office of Policy and Management (OPM), and it exists nowhere else, including on other government websites with state criminal justice data.